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2018-05-24 14.00 Alumni Speaker Series: Space Physiology and Medicine (May 2018)
2018-07-20 10.07 Jeremys ADN Team Meeting (July 2018)
2018-07-31 19.55 Tech490 Mock Interview (August 2018)
2018-08-17 12.00 TECH490 Mock Interview (August 2018)
2018-08-18 10.07 TECH490 Mock Interview (September 2018)
2018-08-18 13.05 TECH490 Mock Interview (September 2018)
2018-09-10 13.02 Ellucian Update Meeting (September 2018)
2019-08-29 TFS Retreat – Gartner Session (September 2019)
2019-08-29 TFS Retreat – Gartner Session 2 (September 2019)
Accessing Online Courses or Practice Exams (August 2014)
Accessing the MyExcelsior Community (August 2014)
ACM: Training and Maintaining a Competitive Cybersecurity Workforce (January 2013)
Adult Learning and the Excelsior Student (June 2013)
Assessing Your Organization’s Training (February 2013)
Black & Hispanic Women in Technology (March 2013)
Blackboard 9.1 Grade Center Training (June 2013)
Blackboard 9.1 Transition for Faculty (January 2012)
BUS503 Course Introduction (August 2018)
Business & Technology Virtual Open House (October 2012)
CE Orientation Update (July 2018)
Collaborations Chat Webinar (May 2019)
Commencement Webcast 2018 (June 2018)
Complete a Nuclear Engineering Degree at Excelsior College, Featuring Andre Adams and Adrian Skinner (October 2013)
Completing a Bachelor’s Degree for Under $10,000 (March 2013)
Completing an Assessment (August 2014)
Completing an Assignment (August 2014)
Completing Your Bachelor’s Degree, Featuring Christina Yang and Jackie McPhillips (April 2013)
Courageous Learning (October 2018)
Creating a Personal Calendar Event (August 2014)
Creating and Sending a Message (August 2014)
Critical Thinking in the Academic Disciplines – Part 2 of 3 (February 2013)
Critical Thinking in the Applied Professions – Part 3 of 3 (March 2013)
Critical Thinking: An Overview – Part 1 of 3 (January 2013)
Develop Your Social Media Personal Brand (July 2010)
Development and Use of Rubrics (May 2008)
Everyday Diplomacy – Understanding Islam and Muslims (June 2013)
Excelsior Outreach: Master’s Degree Discounts for Partners (January 2013)
Facilitating Learning Through Online Discussions (February 2012)
Faculty Professional Development (FPD) Training – Course Syllabi (June 2013)
Faculty Webinar – Introducing the Excelsior CARES Credo (October 23, 2018) (October 2018)
FPD Training – Facilitating Group Work in Online Courses (June 2013)
FPD Training: Practical Ideas to Improve Student Participation (June 2013)
FPD Training: Tata Revision and Development Process (June 2013)
Games and the Curriculum: Towards a New Educational Model (June 2013)
GE’s Women of Wind Energy (October 2012)
General Information on the Excelsior MBA (March 2012)
Get “LinkedIn” to Your Career Network (December 2013)
Grad Faculty Forum Summer 2019 (May 2019)
Graduate Degree Programs and Certificates (January 2013)
Graduate Programs and Certificates: The Next Steps (November 2013)
How Professional Organizations Can Help Women Negotiate the “Glass Maze” (January 2013)
How to Demonstrate Your Skills to Civilian Employers (March 2013)
How to Improve Your Writing (September 2013)
How to Use the Message Center (August 2014)
How to Use the MyExcelsior Community (August 2014)
How to Use the Online Writing Lab (OWL) (August 2014)
Managing Your Stress (June 2013)
Master’s Degree Options for Partners (January 2013)
Mastering the Phone Interview (December 2014)
Meeting Students Where They Play: Exploring the Use of Video Games to Teach College Writing and Research (May 2013)
Motivating Students in Online Education (June 2013)
New Canvas Gradebook_Overview (December 2018)
Nuclear Cybersecurity: Supply Chain Management (August 2014)
Opening New Doors: The Excelsior College MBA (November 2011)
Options for Completing a Bachelor’s Degree at Excelsior College, Featuring Kim Lourinia and Jackie McPhillips (June 2013)
Options for Completing a Bachelor’s Degree at Excelsior College, Featuring David Roberts and Kailey Soundara (October 2013)
Options for Completing a Degree at Excelsior College (December 2013)
Overview of cybersecurity: cyber threats in the workplace (October 2011)
Posting a Discussion Thread (August 2014)
Providing Effective Feedback to Adult Learners (October 2010)
Providing Effective Feedback to Adult Learners (April 2011)
Provost’s Circle – Faculty Webinar (Audio Only Version) May 29, 2018 (June 2018)
RadTechs, featuring Sarah Mesick & Jackie McPhillips (February 2013)
Registering for Approved Courses & Exams (August 2014)
Registering for Exams (August 2014)
Replying to a Discussion Thread (August 2014)
Requesting Approval (August 2014)
RN to Bachelor’s or Master’s in Nursing (April 2013)
SHRM: OSHA and Safety in the Workplace (January 2013)
Spring pre-term webinar (January 2019)
Steganography: Hiding Data within Data (August 2014)
Student Resources for Success (June 2013)
Student Success: Succeeding in an Online Learning Environment (January 2013)
Suicide Prevention with Dr. Joseph Hunter, New York VA (December 2012)
Teaching CD-ROM Courses (June 2013)
The Course Layout of Excelsior College Courses (August 2014)
The Current State of Cybersecurity Education in the US & Around the World (September 2014)
The How and Why of Rock and Roll: Developments in American Popular Music That Led Up to Rock and Roll (June 2013)
Transferring Options for Completing a Bachelor’s Degree at Excelsior College (February 2013)
Transferring Options, featuring Christina Yang & Jackie McPhillips (March 2013)
Translate your military experience into a dynamic civilian resume (September 2011) Walkthrough (June 2013)
Types of Interviews / Interview Basics (February 2012)
Using Audio Feedback to Improve Instruction (June 2013)
Using Multimedia Effectively (June 2013)
Using Plagiarism Prevention Tools (June 2013)
Using PowerPoint in Projects, and Adding Voiceovers (June 2013)
Using the MAPlanner (August 2014)
Using the Text Editor (August 2014)
Using Your Post 9/11 VA Education Benefit (August 2012)
Utilizing a Career Counselor or Coach in the New Year (February 2013)
Veteran Experience at Excelsior College: Your Seamless Transfer (October 2013)
Veteran Jobs (July 2014)
Veteran Strategies for College Success (November 2012)
Veteran- and Military-Friendly Degrees (June 2013)
Videos for the CPNE Faculty Portal (September 2018)
Viewing Grades in MyExcelsior (August 2014)
What the Heck is a MOOC and Should we Shoot it? (September 2013)
Will a Degree Open New Career Doors? (June 2012)
Women in Nuclear with NEI (September 2011)
Your Pathway to a Career in Nursing (April 2014)